Extra-Curricular Activities


  • The Step Team consists of students who create music through stepping and clapping. These students compete throughout the New York City area in various step shows and competitions. The Club is open to all students of Port Richmond High School. The steppers also perform for many of the Port Richmond High School functions and sporting events.
  • ARISTA is part of the National Honor Society. Any student in the third or fourth year who has attained an average of 85% or over the preceding year, and has met the service requirements by giving service to the school and the community is eligible for nomination to ARISTA. All eligible candidates are voted on by all members of the faculty and the ARISTA Committee.

                                             MUSIC PROGRAM

  • If you are interested in playing a musical instrument Port Richmond is the place for you! We offer five different band classes for every level of musician. Our Beginning Band class provides an opportunity for new band members to learn instrumental performance techniques while exploring the language of music. Students can choose from a variety of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments such as the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone horn or tuba. Students who complete Beginning Band will be prepared to move on to Concert Band. Our Concert Band class builds upon the skills learned in the Beginning Band and students are exposed to a variety of repertoire. The Concert Band performs two times a year at our Winter and Spring concerts. The Port Richmond High School Symphonic Band is the elite band for the school. The Symphonic Band plays music of the most difficult caliber and challenges all the musicians in the class. In addition to performing in the Winter and Spring Concerts, the Symphonic Band performs at various school and community functions. Our Jazz Ensemble engages students in the techniques and repertoire of the jazz tradition. Topics explored include the theory and practice of improvisation as well as the ensemble techniques employed by such jazz composers as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Charles Mingus and many others. The Port Richmond High School Jazz Ensemble can be seen playing throughout Staten Island and New York City, as well as at many Port Richmond High School functions and concerts. The Symphonic Band and Jazz Band will perform at the New York State School Music Association Adjudication Festival this spring. The Port Richmond High School Marching Band is open to all music students. The Marching Band participates in many Staten Island and Manhattan parades as well as at school football games and various school and community functions. The Marching Band also goes on an out of state trip in the springtime to perform and is exposed to Marching Bands from around the country.


  • Port Richmond High School offers two courses for students who love to sing. The Mixed Chorus is a beginner level chorus open to students with no choral experience, but have an interest in singing. Students will learn basic vocal techniques and a variety of choral repertoire. The Concert Choir is the premier choral ensemble of Port Richmond High School. In addition to improving individual vocal techniques, students will perform an advanced repertoire. The Concert Choir performs at two school concerts as well as around New York City at various functions we are invited to. Acceptance into the Concert Choir is by teacher and assistant principal recommendation only. Students can be involved in our choral program for all four years of their high school career.


  • We offer two levels of guitar classes at Port Richmond High School. Our Beginning Guitar classes are for students who have no prior experience on the guitar, but show an interest in learning. Students will learn basic guitar techniques and how to read music. Students will learn notes and chords through various exercises and songs. The Port Richmond High School Guitar Ensemble is our advanced guitar class. The Guitar Ensemble performs at various school and community functions and concerts. In the Guitar Ensemble students will develop more advanced techniques on the instrument and will perform a more advanced repertoire. The Guitar Ensemble performs everything from pop\rock selections to classical pieces. Acceptance into the Guitar Ensemble is by teacher and assistant principal recommendation. Students can be involved in our guitar program all four years of their high school career.


  • Cheerleaders are an important part of PRHS’ school spirit. The squad cheers at all football and basketball games as well as special school functions and community activities.
  • All those interested in being a cheerleader must audition. In order to qualify for this audition, a student must meet the following minimum requirements: served as a booster for one year; pass at least four major subjects including gym; have good attendance and behavior. Once a student makes the cheerleading squad, they must continue to maintain the above requirements.


  • The Council for Unity was created to promote unity and safety between and among the diverse racial, ethnic and religious groups that make up a school community. It is a movement that generates respect for differences and provides powerful support systems for participants. The primary purpose of the Council for Unity is to create agendas that will bring individuals and groups together for a common cause, "Together we can do what we can't do alone." Some of the group's activities include participating in walk-a-thons, raising funds for charities, visiting homes for the aged and children’s hospitals, and running food and clothing drives.
  • The International Club offers the opportunity to its members to socialize and to share and appreciate different cultures through movies, music, art and foods. Students also expand their knowledge and experiences by visiting museums and other cultural establishments. The club meets every other week after school.
  • Students who contribute to the school newspaper, students who have taken the English Department’s elective course in Journalism, and any other students who just have an interest in the field meet with an advisor to discuss such topics as the rights and responsibilities of journalists; what constitutes news; features and editorials; and the layout and design of newspapers.

  • Students submit writing, photographs and art to be evaluated, edited and proofread by both the advisor and peers. Members of the club share news from within the school and community, discuss issues of concern to all students and ideas for future stories. They also share their opinions of local, national and international events. The goal of the club is to encourage reading, analysis and written expression of thoughts about current events
  • Port Richmond High School boasts an award winning JROTC program. Under the supervision and guidance of officers and non-commissioned officers of the United States Army, students are actively involved in a rigorous program of academic and physical training.

  • Citizenship, history, leadership, health and drill, are included in the curriculum. This is in addition to our newly created JROTC Physical Education class. Classes are taught in a high tech environment with cutting edge technology. Cadets quickly gain the confidence to speak to large audiences, a necessity in today’s competitive world.

  • In addition to our academic and fitness program, our cadets compete annually at the national level in Daytona Beach, Florida. On occasions, our cadets still visit and compete in Europe with the United Kingdom Cadet Corps. Our future plan is to visit Ireland in the upcoming summer vacation.

  • Our Drill Team meets every morning at 6:30 a.m. to train for competition against JROTC teams from the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. The drill competition trip to Daytona Beach, Florida determines the best drill team in the U.S.A. Our Raider Team also meets every morning at 6:30 a.m. to participate in a rigorous physical fitness program. Push-ups, sit-ups, the 2 mile run, first aid, map reading, and rope bridge construction are practiced. They also compete against other JROTC units at Fort Dix, N.J. to determine the most physically fit cadet team.

  • The Legal Studies House is a two-year program that can be taken at any year in Port Richmond High School. Presently, the program consists of two courses: Introduction to Law and Criminal Law. The first year of the Legal Studies Program provides an overview of the different fields of Law. Major topics include Criminal Law, Civil Law, Consumer Law, Family Law and Constitutional Law. The second year of the Legal Studies program is concentrated in Criminal Law and the Criminal Justice process. Classes utilize Mock Trials, Moot Court, Debates, Discussions, and trips to several law enforcement facilities. Guest speakers featuring several fields in law and justice also have discussions with the students. Students are encouraged to compete in the Mentor Citywide Moot Court competition.
  • Crow's Nest is the award-winning PRHS Newspaper. Students, under the guidance of a faculty advisor, are involved in all aspects of publication including: interviewing, writing, editing, illustrating, photography and layout.
  • Peer Mediation is an approach to solving conflicts without violence. The Peer Mediation Center is located in Room B221. In the time that this program has been in operation at Port Richmond High School, many students have learned that mediation and conflict resolution has many advantages over violence in solving disputes between students. Many disputes in school begin over a small misunderstanding or miscommunication, which can be easily resolved if people are willing to talk about what is going on. Everyone who participates in Peer Mediation wins; unlike fighting, where one person loses and one person wins. In Peer Mediation, both students gain a better idea of why a problem occurred and what they can do if they work together to solve their differences. The majority of students who take part in mediation say that they have learned important skills that will help them in later life. Many of the students who have been involved in the mediation process elect to go on to become peer mediators. If, at any time, you believe that peer mediation can help you solve a conflict with someone else or avoid a fight (which will result in a suspension), please speak to Mr. Greenfield, any Dean, or stop by the Mediation Center in Room B221.
  • Each spring, PRHS presents a major musical production. Previous shows include South Pacific, Annie Get Your Gun, 42nd Street, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, Guys and Dolls, Little Shop of Horrors, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Bye Bye Birdie, Blood Brothers, Damn Yankees and Hair, and Grease. Students are involved in all aspects of production including acting, singing, dancing, stagecraft, make-up, costumes and lighting. The performers are accompanied by members of the school band. All participants may receive an English credit for their efforts.
  • SING is one of the most popular activities at Port Richmond High School. This interclass competition gives the students the opportunity to write, direct and perform original shows. It is open to every student at PRHS. SING try-outs are early in the fall term and culminate with 3 performances in November.
  • The Spring Musical is a great way for any student who is interested in the arts to get involved in the life of Port Richmond High School. Whether the student’s passion is acting, singing, dancing, instrumental music, set building, or painting, the Spring Musical is a great forum to enhance these skills. Our staff consists of a professional director, choreographer, set building, and conductor. Port Richmond High School is very proud of the productions we put on.

  • Past musicals include:

    2005 Grease
    2004 Cabaret
    2003 Bugsy Malone
    2002 Damn Yankees
    2001 Blood Brothers
    2000 Bye Bye Birdie
    1999 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    1998 Hair
    1997 Little Shop of Horrors
    1996 Guys and Dolls
    1995 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
    1994 42nd Street
    1993 Annie Get Your Gun
  • Students at Port Richmond High School are encouraged to participate in the Student Government Organization (SGO). Through this group, students can express their ideas and opinions, raise funds and sponsor special events.

  • There are four officers of the SGO: President; Vice President; Treasure and Secretary. Each section elects a president who represents them at meetings. The Coordinator of Student Activities (COSA) works closely with the elected student presidents and senior officers.
  • The Port Richmond High School has a strong Visual Arts program students can take advantage of. We offer classes ranging from Basic Art and Basic Ceramics through Portfolio Development and Advanced Ceramics. Our Basic Art class is open to all students. In Basic Art students learn the elements and principles of design as well as learning about different mediums and techniques. Our Advanced Art classes are open to students who have completed Basic Art and are recommended by their teacher and assistant principal to continue their studies. Some of the topics our Advanced Art classes cover are painting, illustration, drawing from life, printmaking, fashion and textiles, advertising design, and portfolio development. The Basic Ceramics class is open to all students. In Basic Ceramics students learn hand building techniques as well as learn how to use the potter’s wheel and slip casting. Our Advanced Ceramics class gives students the opportunity to continue the skills from Basic Ceramics and go on to make more advanced projects. Port Richmond High School students leave the Visual Arts program well prepared to major in art in college if that is what they choose to do.
  • Soundings is the PRHS award-winning yearbook. The student staff, in conjunction with a faculty advisor, works on the creation of the book. Students are needed to design the lay-out, cover, text and artwork. Students on the staff may also act as photographers. There are no special requirements except a willingness to work and a commitment to meet monthly deadlines.
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