PRHS Announces Creation of Carl S. Jung Memorial Scholarship

PRHS is delighted to announce the creation of the Carl S. Jung Memorial Scholarship. The $1250 (minimum amount) college scholarship will be awarded annually to a graduating member of the Senior class. The scholarship is intended to motivate participation on the PRHS boys & girls cross country teams, and enhance the competitiveness and reputation of these teams. Criteria for receiving the scholarship include contribution to team goals, academic credentials, and commitment to the greater PRHS community. It is not a needs-based scholarship. A committee will be appointed annually by the Principal of PRHS to review the credentials of potential scholarship awardees and select a candidate.

Carl Jung was a physical education teacher and track and cross-country coach at PRHS from 1952 until his retirement in 1965. He was extremely dedicated to his students and had profound influence on their personal development, both on and off the field. He would get up at 6 am on Saturday mornings to accompany his students to track events throughout the city. Carl worked long hours after school motivating his kids to train and practice hard in order to develop the mind set and stamina necessary to go the long distances required in cross-country events. These were life-long traits he embodied in his students, instilling within them skills and a work ethic that carried over far beyond their years at PRHS. When he retired, Coach Jung had an Island-wide track event named in his honor.

The scholarship will be funded from a $25,000 endowment gift from Bob Soltys, Class of 1957.

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