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School Accessibility
Accessibility Status: Partially Accessible

For additional information please contact the custodian or the school.

Office of Program Accessibility
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Building Condition and Assessment Survey
Primary Building TOTTENVILLE HS - S. I., 100 LUTEN AVENUE
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Secondary Buildings
  Architectural Electrical Mechanical
 Building Condition and Assessment Survey (BCAS) Ratings Key
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Annual Facilities Survey
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Department of Health Report
DateViolation CodeExplanationCorrective ActionRemarks
2/8/201002GTwo pounds of 3 bean salad registered at 51*f in cold holding table in front service area.Food was immediately discarded. Resolved
2/8/201010BIndirect waste pipe observed extending directly down into funnel drain in two 2-compartment sink in kitchen.Custodian Notified. Not resolved
2/8/201010KWiping cloths not provided.Wiping cloths were immediately provided. Resolved
Data Provided by: Department of Health / Office of Food and Nutrition Services
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Capacity and Utilization Report