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September 2008

Dear Parents:

The new school year 2008-09 is upon us and we are very excited about the numerous course offerings in the arts that exist at Tottenville High School.

Countless studies have shown that for many students, the key to academic success is found in a well-rounded curriculum. A creative student, one who is working on a special project, whether it is his/her art portfolio, an architectural model, a musical concert, a restaurant menu, or a new computer system, will be more inclined to arrive at school motivated and with enthusiasm. At Tottenville High School, we offer many excellent and acclaimed programs that are designed to discover and enhance every student’s special talent and interest.

We also offer many after school activities in music, arts and technology through our Beacon program. Encourage your children to ask their teacher about these opportunities and to take advantage of these exciting and free programs.

This year we are also enhancing instruction in our ninth grade required music classes. We will be conducting smaller classes and adding more technology to the delivery of instruction. These smaller classes are designed for student success. Teachers will provide us with frequent feedback on the progress of our ninth graders. This feedback will be used to help us to create an atmosphere of success for all.

Our marching band consisting of 115 ninth - twelve graders who have been rehearsing diligently since July will be performing in the United States Marine Invitational at Annapolis, Maryland on Saturday, October 4, 2008. We invite you to join us. Time and ticket information will be available through the music department.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. LaMorte, Assistant Principal of Visual, Performing and Career Arts @ 718 356 2220 Extension 1303.



David LaMorte

Assistant Principal

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