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  1. The Arts - to provide balance and insight in a bureaucratic and technical age.

  2. English Language - English grammar as well as composition and research skills. Courses which develop these abilities are among the most important that students can take.

  3. Language Other Than English - Competency in a third or fourth year of another language is invaluable. It develops a student's resourcefulness in the world community, improves comprehension of the student's native language and culture and provides a good basis for further language study in college.

  4. History - American History, Western and Eastern culture all add to the understanding of the contemporary world and appreciation of historical perspective. An understanding of good government and civic responsibility is rooted in an understanding of history. An appreciation of historical perspective is in itself an important educational objective.

  5. Literature - The study of traditional literary texts adds to a student's understanding of humanity and human associations. Classical Literature provides an excellent foundation for further study in many fields.

  6. Mathematics - The field of mathematics grows ever more important in the modern world. Algebra, calculus and statistics are now commonplace in many college disciplines. Computer literacy is useful even in the humanities. Sufficient preparation normally requires four years of secondary school study.

  7. Science - Study of one year of biology, chemistry, and physics is highly desirable and is now a common, practical necessity. The relationships among science, technology and public policy make crucial some knowledge of the basic issues, nomenclature, and methods of science. Weekly labs are a course requirement and essential for passing a science course.
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