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Visual Performing & Career Arts Courses


The Tottenville High School Visual, Performing, and Career Arts Department offer many excellent and acclaimed programs that are designed to discover and enhance every student’s special talent and interest. Countless research studies have shown that the key to academic success is found in offering students a well-rounded curriculum that maximizes a student’s academic and creative potential. Students who are given opportunities to pursue their special interests and develop their talents will report to school motivated, enthusiastic and willing to work harder in all of their classes. 


The range of electives offered through the V.P.C. Department is quite comprehensive. Tottenville H.S. students will be afforded an opportunity to participate in any one of the many exciting sequenced programs or traditional elective classes. Sequenced programs are based on enrollment, subject to scheduling and budget constraints, and require the recommendation of the instructor and assistant principal. All students who enroll in a three-year sequenced program are required to complete the three year sequence.

            V.P.C. three year sequences that begin in Grade 10 include:

¨ Automotive Careers

¨ Cisco Networking Academy

¨ Culinary Arts

¨ Fine Arts

¨ Instrumental and Vocal Music

¨ Virtual Enterprise

¨ Technical Drafting & Design Careers

¨ Medical Technology

¨ Dental Technology


9th, 10th, and 11th grade students, who choose to pursue sequenced programs in other subject areas, may choose a one year free elective.  These electives are also based on enrollment and scheduling   constraints.  Free electives include:

¨    Photography

¨    Digital Photography

¨    Graphic Illustration

¨    Illustration

¨    Television Production

¨    MOUS (Microsoft Applications)

¨    Multi-Dimensional Design

¨    Beginning Band

¨    Beginning Strings

¨    Beginning Guitar

¨    Beginning Piano


Many Tottenville High School graduates have achieved success in college and in the world beyond because of the in-depth experience and preparation that they have received from participating in these excellent programs. We are certain that there is a perfect program offering for every student. We invite you to peruse this resource guide and to avail yourself of the many opportunities that these programs offer.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. LaMorte, Assistant Principal,
Visual, Performing, and Career Arts at 718-356-2220. ext. 1303.

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