YABC (Young Adult Borough Center) PROGRAM

The Young Adult Borough Center
of Staten Island

The Staten Island Young Adult Borough Center at Tottenville High School is a second chance transfer program for over-age, under-credited students who have spent four years in high school but have fallen behind in earning credits. This program affords students the opportunity to progress toward earning a high school diploma.

The criterion for admission to YABC is as follows:
v     Students must be entering their 5th year of high school
v     Students must be 17 ½ years of age or older at the time of admission
v     Students must show 17 completed credits on their transcript

At Tottenville YABC our classroom hours are 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM Mondays through Thursdays. Students are able to earn up to 6 credits per semester. In addition, we are a Learning-to-Work site, enabling students to be placed in a job internship with the possibility of earning one elective work credit per semester.

Referrals to YABC are made by the student’s high school guidance counselor who will prepare the necessary paperwork. Personal intake interviews will be scheduled for student and parent by the Assistant Principal of the program.

Our Mission Statement

The Staten Island Young Adult Borough Center will provide a supportive, challenging and nurturing educational environment that will enable students to achieve academically and succeed in reaching their goals.

The school community is dedicated to providing a comprehensive academic environment that raises standards, supports academic activities, provides creative experiences and develops positive citizenship qualities.

Important Dates

  Students must see their high school guidance counselors
if they are interested in the YABC Program.

If you have any questions, please call Joann Calabro, Assistant Principal,
Program Administrator
at 718-668-8800 ext. 22081 For additional information, visit the E-Chalk website at: