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Concord is a transfer school that provides technology rich programs for students who are over-age and/or under-credited, as well as ESL (English as a Second Language) students. Concord’s rigorous curriculum meets the NYS Regents and college admissions standards.

Each student receives a laptop to use during the school day. An extensive variety of academic programs including Honors courses, Student Leadership, Ambassadors, teams and clubs are offered during and after school.

Regents-endorsed, college prep coursework is supported by University partnerships with Wagner College, St. Johns University and College of Staten Island. Internships and career exploration curricula are supplemented by coursework in culinary arts, graphic design and media arts. An active Parent Association and Student Council ensure the involvement of the entire school community.

Our Mission Statement 

The mission of Concord High School is to develop the leaders of tomorrow by preparing all students to meet the high academic, technical, civic and workforce challenges of the twenty-first century.

We believe that strong leadership throughout our united community of faculty members, students, parents and associates will move us toward our goals.

We, therefore, hold in the highest regard the initiative, planning, effort and teamwork that result in academic rigor, in standard setting student performance and in continuous improvement.

Programs Available: 

Culinary Arts Program 
Prepares student for employment in the food service industry and 
teaches students proper nutrition and cooking methods..

Web Page Design
Introduces students to the field of creating web pages for the 
Internet.  Prepares students for work within the various 
information fields.

Media Arts
Video Production and digital editing skills are learned through the 
creation of student videos.

Graphic Arts
Prepares students for careers that integrate art with the computer. Students learn design, layout, advertising, journalism and graphic design.

Career Skills
Assists  students in developing  successful employment skills and services.

Laptop Access Program
Students have accessibility to individual state of the art laptops that include industry standard computer applications and internet access for use within various subject areas.

Student Activities: 

Student Council 
We encourage all students to become involved in the Student Council so they will take a leadership role within the school environment and have a voice in the educational process.  Concord High School offers a variety of activities and clubs during lunch and after school.

Ambassador Program
Senior class students are appointed as Ambassadors to mentor incoming students.  This peer connection provides an opportunity to welcome new students and assist them in adjusting to the school.  The ambassadors learn how to develop communication and mentoring skills.

Designed to develop the leadership potential of our students.  Students take a leadership role in planning and coordinating school activities.

University Partnerships
Concord has a relationship with three Staten Island colleges which include  the College of Staten Island, Wagner College and St. John's University.  College students are assigned as tutors to provide assistance with class work, homework, test and regents preparation. Regents and SAT prep classes are also offered at St. John's.  Parents and students also have access to the St. John's Library and Media Center.

  • Partnerships with Wagner college, College of Staten Island and St. John's University
  • Teachers for Tomorrow
  • Intergenerational Nursing Home Program
  • Community-based Internships
  • Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution
  • Student Clubs
  • Student Council
  • After-school Enrichment Programs
  • Student Leadership
  • Community Service
  • Camelot Violence Prevention
  • Staten Island Film Festival
  • Our Community
The school's community support includes The College of Staten Island, St. John's University, Wagner College, Richmondtown Restoration, The Staten Island Children's Museum, and United Activities Unlimited.

In addition, our community partners also include the Staten Island Bank and Trust, NY Center for Interpersonal Development, Camelot, COAHSI - Council on the Arts and Humanities of Staten Island, NYSCA - New York State Council on the Arts, and the Borough President's Student Council.
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