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Policies & Regulations


Students have certain responsibilities.  In addition to the Student Behavioral Contract and the Citywide Department of Education Discipline Code, the following Concord High School rules will also be enforced. 

Students must carry student I.D. cards and be prepared to identify themselves at all times. (B11)

Lateness is unacceptable.  Excessive lateness may lead to failure or a lower grade in a subject class. (B04)

Cutting classes is prohibited.  Excellent attendance will lead to success. (B03)

Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the building or on school grounds. (B13)

No vandalism of school property (e.g., graffitti, littering) (B28)

Cell phones, iPods or any other electronic devices must be turned off and put away upon entering the school building. (B05)

No weapons are permitted. Laser beams are considered weapons. (B49)

Head coverings, doo rags, hoods, bandanas or headbands cannot be worn in school building. The rule is the same for males as well as females. (B09)

Students are expected to dress respectfully and modestly.  Clothing that is provocative is prohibited.  The wearing of gang related apparel is not permitted. (B26)

Illegal substances, including alcohol, are prohibited  before,  during and after school.(B41, B50)

Engaging in verbally rude or disrespectful behavior by using profane, obscene, vulgar, lewd, or abusive language or gestures is prohibited. (B15)

Taking and/or possessing property belonging to another without authorization.(B29 and B44)

On the day after an absence, a note must be presented to all teachers.  Absence notes must be presented in order to receive make-up work / tests.  It must contain the following information:

  • Student name
  • Date of absence
  • Signature of physician or parent
  • Telephone number

Absences of more than 3 days require parents/guardians to call the school to make arrangements for make-up work to be picked up.

Students are expected to be in school on time.  Repeated lateness to school may result in detention.  Lateness to school or class must be accompanied by a note or phone call from parent/guardian.  Excuse notes are required in order to receive any missed work.

A "cut" is defined as being present in school but not attending one or more classes.  Even if a student is late to school, it is considered cutting.  Cutting classes will result in a telephone call being placed to student's parent/guardian.  Excessive cutting of classes will result in a daily contract.  The contract must be taken home, signed by a parent/guardian, and returned the following day.  Students will remain on the daily for two weeks. 

Remember: To be successful, students must maintain excellent attendance.  Excessive absences, cutting or lateness may result in failure.

Students may not leave school before the end of their school day without a written request signed by the student's parent/guardian. Should a student become ill during the school day, he/she must see the attendance aide who will contact the student's home.  No student under 18 may be sent home unless he/she is accompanied by a parent/guardian.  This precaution is taken for the student's safety.  Parents have the responsibility to ensure that the school has up to date contact information on file at all times.


  • Telephone call to parent
  • Letter to parent
  • In school detention
  • Parent Meeting
  • Pre-Suspension hearing
  • Suspension
  • Involvement of New York Police Department
  • Expulsion


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