Parent Coordinator

Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Welcome to Concord High School!  We are very happy to have you join our family of  learners so we can begin to build a partnership in support of your child.  You have joined a team of  teachers, administrators, and support staff who are committed to your child's academic success.  We look forward to working  together to make this a wonderful year of learning  and personal growth for your child. 

    One of the keys to your child's success will be your ongoing involvement in our school community. Throughout the year, you will have opportunities to meet your child's teachers, attend information sessions, volunteer in parent associations and events; and participate in specially designed workshops for parents/guuardians.  As your child's first and most important teacher, we need you to help us so we can build the best learning experience possible.

    In addition, I am available to provide information, answer questions, help you access resources for your child, and assist you in resolving issues that you or your child may encounter.  Please feel free to come to my office or call should you need assistance.  You may also contact me at 1-347-563-4720 or by email at


Vonda Caccese,  Parent Coordinator

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