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Student Support

Information to assist in student learning, including curriculum and instruction, student assessments, and homework aids


If students have any questions, problems or just need to talk, there are many people at Concord High School that can provide assistance.

Guidance / College Counselor
Assists  students with counseling, programming academic and career issues.  The Guidance Counselor also assists students in applying for the S.A.Ts, scholarships, colleges and trade schools.

Social Worker
Supports students with  personal issues, regarding  conflicts at home or school, i.e., grief, depression addiction, etc.  Social Worker helps in creating clubs, groups and improving the overall
school environment.

Handles discipline  related  issues and is available if a student needs help in any area.

Answer questions regarding coursework, homework, examinations and class expectations.

Parent Coordinator
Available to parents/guardians/students  with any issues that may  occur while at Concord.  The Parent Coordinator
is also able to provide referrals to services as needed.

Camelot School Violence Prevention and Education Program
Office of Mental Health counseling program to provide Concord students with violence prevention and education.  Counselors are available on site every school day or may be contacted at

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