Welcome to Port Richmond High School! Port Richmond High School is a community of teenagers and adults who work diligently each day to raise the achievement level of all students.  Founded in 1928, Port Richmond High School has a strong tradition of academic excellence and service to the community.  Port Richmond strives to create a warm, family atmosphere where each student is welcomed as a valued member of a small learning community. Each student chooses a course of study pertaining to a small learning community that interests the learner in areas such as culinary arts, performing arts, visual arts, medical technology, Honors & Advanced Placement classes, Army JROTC, Legal Studies and more.

Newsweek magazine has continually recognized Port Richmond High School in it's annual report of outstanding high schools across the country.  The Raider Advanced Placement Program has been recognized for providing opportunities for students of all levels to study college level courses for credit.

Community service is a strong value of our school family and an aspect of our family that we take great pride in. Graduating seniors provide a minimum of 20 hours of service to the community with many students volunteering hours beyond that.  Our students regularly involve themselves in walk-a-thons, blood drives, visits to nursing homes and hospitals, coat drives, food drives and a host of other charitable works.

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