Principal's Welcome Message

Susan E. Wagner High School offers its students a quality education in a safe, secure and stimulating environment. Our various instructional departments provide academic training in subject disciplines, while at the same time providing students with the opportunity to explore special interests.
Because of our exceptional programs and the achievements of our students and staff, Susan E. Wagner High School has received state and national recognition:  Designated an "Outstanding High School" by the New York State Commissioner of Education and Recognized as a "National School of Excellence" by the U.S. Department of Education.
We have several unique instructional programs to assist entering 9th grade students adapt to their new school.  The 9th grade Venture Literacy and Numeracy Program insures increased opportunities for academic success and social growth by providing a mini-school, which is staffed with selected personnel.  The resulting student-adult interaction, combined with additional guidance services, leads to improved achievement and attendance.
Our Scholars Academy provides students of outstanding ability and potential with an interdisciplinary approach to ideas and concepts by guiding them through a comprehensive and challenging exploration of our culture and heritage.
There are numerous special programs which allow students to develop their talents.  Our honors program provides the opportunity for students who would benefit from an enriched program in a particular discipline to develop these skills.  The Institute of Law and Politics allows its members to participate in law-related classes.  The Academy of Finance and Academy of Hospitality and Tourism are exciting and challenging programs that include a summer internship, trips, and guest speakers.  This will enable students to gain first hand experience in the business world. The music, art, theater, and media programs allow students to develop their special talents.  The Leadership Institute provides students with the opportunity to gain leadership skills which may be applied to their daily lives.  These programs include Conflict Resolution, Council for Unity, and Air Force Junior ROTC. 
Numerous guidance services, including college and career counseling, and individual and group meetings, are provided for all students.  Tutorial services are available.
Although we require students to work hard, ample opportunity exists for participation in a multitude of extracurricular activities, including team sports, cultural interests, intellectual pursuits, theatrical performances, etc.
A student at Wagner High School may look forward to many highly rewarding educational and personal experiences.  New academic vistas will be explored, new friendships will be made, new perspectives on life will be developed, and the opportunity to mature in one of the finest high schools on Staten Island and New York City will be offered.
Gary M. Giordano