Mission, Vision and Culture

The mission of Bushwick Community High School (BCHS) is for students to become empowered for positive social transformation and liberation. We educate and inspire our students to positively transform themselves, their local communities and their world at large. Graduates of our school will be critical, analytical and independent thinkers. They will become lifelong learners who have an awareness of, as well as a dedication to their own cultures and the cultures of others.

BCHS is organized around our conviction that college should be encouraged for ALL our students, and therefore every student should be thoroughly prepared for this challenge with a rigorous academic program. We emphasize the preparation of ethically and socially responsible leaders who strive to set the highest standards.

BCHS also provides highly personalized guidance and support. We help students to transfer their personal liberation to the community as a whole. Through creating a safe, caring and disciplined environment with a culture of high expectations and through forming personal bonds of trust and respect with the students, BCHS succeeds with students where their previous schools have failed.

Our school community is united by genuine caring and commitment to each other and our common purpose. Each member should exhibit respect and concern for others ad be supported and encouraged throughout their time in our school. These values are reinforced through a curriculum that respects students? ethnic and cultural identities, our advisory program, school wide town meetings and special events.

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