October 2008

When your student applied to our school, you got a taste of what our school is about at the Parent Orientation. We emphasized the importance of parent involvement, and how it’s directly linked to your child’s success in school.

Our Parent/Teacher Conferences this month (October 23rd & 24th) will be a great opportunity to discuss your student’s academic progress and attendance. Be sure to sit with your student beforehand and discuss any issues they may be having, so that you are better prepared when speaking to their teachers. These conferences are for YOU and your student, so it’s important not to take them lightly. It’s the first step towards your student attaining their academic goals for this year. Our goal at BCHS is to see EVERY student that walks through our doors through to graduation. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen, and parents have wondered how their students failed to fulfill their credits in time or why their graduation date was postponed.

ASK QUESTIONS EARLY! Things like: “Is my child doing what he needs to pass this class? Is his/her attendance and/or lateness poor? Does he/she need to take a Regents Exam for this class?”

Addressing concerns and staying involved from the beginning helps to get your student through to graduation. Together as a team, we can make their high school diploma a reality.

We’ll see you then!

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