College and Career Support

The following links offer helpful guidance to students, parents, and families. Some of the links will take you to different Web sites, others will take you to the old version of the Department of Education Web site. We will be updating and expanding these links during the coming weeks and months.

Graduation Requirements - New York State High School Graduation Requirements differ depending on the year a student first enters 9th grade. Students can obtain a Graduation Requirements card from their Guidance Counselor.

College Now — A free program operated by the City University of New York’s 17 colleges.

Mapping Your Future — Advice on careers, colleges, financial aid, and more.

Occupational Outlook Handbook — A nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives.

College Board — Lots of advice including step-by-step action plans for high school students.

Know How To Go — Student-friendly site with practical advice organized by grade, starting in middle school.

Scholarship Guide 2008 — In partnership with the Citi Foundation and New Visions for Public Schools, this guide contains resources on scholarships available for New York City students.

Tools to Help Students Prepare for College—This essential resource guide for guidance counselors and college advisors promotes the implementation of a comprehensive college-readiness program in every New York City public high school. It provides concrete College Office management tips, checklists for students, and a glossary of college-related terms.

CareerZone - Grades 6-12- an online career exploration and planning system designed especially for New York State students. CareerZone includes current occupational and labor market information displayed in an interactive and interesting way, making career exploration and planning fun!