Non-Academic Support

Office of School Health

The Office of School Health provides health and preventive services to New York City public school students, including services for students with special needs (physical therapy, occupational therapy, and assistive technologies).

School Food

Our schools offer delicious and nutritious meals daily, including the school breakfast program.

District 79 Alternative Schools and Programs

District 79 helps students under 21 years old who have experienced an interruption to their studies by enabling them to:

  • stay on track for a high school or high school equivalency diploma,
  • build the skills to succeed in post-secondary opportunities, and
  • gain the social-emotional skills necessary to become confident and productive members of society.


The Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) is the largest school transportation department in the country. Over 600,000 New York City students attending both public and non-public schools located within the five boroughs and neighboring counties in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut use these services. OPT also provides bus service for more than 160,000 field trips every year.

Child Abuse

The Office of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention and Intervention provides technical assistance, training, and resources to central, district and school staff in order to comply with state laws and Chancellor’s Regulation A-750 on child abuse intervention and prevention.

Students In Temporary Housing

Students residing in temporary housing have access to the same public education and services that are available to permanently housed students.

Gang Prevention & Intervention Unit

The Gang Prevention & Intervention Unit promotes student safety and awareness of youth and gang violence and other unlawful behavior. It aims to help schools and their communities create a safer and more secure environment by assisting them in developing a proactive approach to gang activity and other forms of youth violence.

Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention

Specialists provide a range of prevention and intervention services and resources for grades K-12 in order to reduce substance abuse among students. Services include classroom lessons, counseling, crisis intervention and conflict resolution.