Student Attendance

Resources for Networks

Network Attendance Managers Are a Resource for Schools as Schools:

  • Promote good attendance through strong data practices, positive school climate, and clear, consistent attendance and lateness policies.

  • Prevent absences by acting early when students start to miss and by asking about reasons for missing school in order to plan new practices to "get in front" of these absences.

  • Plan interventions for students who continue to miss school by identifying local services that may address the underlying reasons for the absences and through personalized approaches such as matching students to success mentors.

A school's attendance rate is an indicator of student connection to the classroom, school safety and engagement, home-school communication. Network attendance managers help schools move attendance programs beyond the pizza party by: 

  • Sharing student-level attendance and the school's rate of chronic absenteeism (missing 20 or more days in a school year) to better measure the school's attendance issues.  
  • Understanding and responding to the underlying causes of absences.
  • Seeing attendance data as a key tool in the development and assessment of academic plans for students. 

Share an Attendance Success Story - Networks, attendance teachers or schools are invited to submit stories about how they improved attendance—throughout a school or for an individual student.  

Tools for Networks on the Principals' Portal Attendance Page

All information about attendance policies and best practices are posted here including:

Networks and attendance teachers may want to visit the Attendance Teacher Corner training tools and tips for talking to schools about the role of a shared attendance teacher including:

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Networks: Please be familiar with the resources posted on the public DOE web pages for Families and for Schools.

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