Student Attendance

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Network Attendance Managers help schools:

  • Promote good attendance through strong data practices, positive school climate, and clear, consistent attendance and lateness policies;

  • Prevent absences by intervening early when students start to miss and applying knowledge about the reasons students miss to take actions to reduce future absences; and

  • Plan interventions for students who continue to miss school through personalized approaches such as Success Mentors and by identifying local services that may address the underlying reasons for the absences.

Network Attendance Managers help schools move beyond the pizza party.  They promote the use of student-level attendance and the school's rate of "chronic absenteeism" to better understand the school's attendance issues.  They work with schools to plan tiered prevention and intervention strategies that respond to the underlying causes of the absences and to use attendance data as a tool for developing academic plans.

A school's attendance rate is an indicator of student connection to the classroom, school safety and engagement, home-school communication.  Instead of developing plans to "improve attendance," Networks and schools develop plans to connect students to the classroom, build a welcoming and supporting climate, or increase two-way communication with families... the success of these plans are measured by increases in attendance. 

Share an Attendance Success Story - Networks, Attendance Teachers or schools are invited to submit stories about how they improved attendance—throughout a school or for an individual student.  

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Key Links

Network Chronic Absenteeism Tool 

Network Portal Attendance page

ATS Web-Connect from DOE network computers , from private computers

DOE Wiki for ATS technical advice

OSYD's Web applications including the Consolidated plan (Attendance Plan), OORS, and SOHO

Historical attendance data (month by month (PAR data)  

Daily school-wide attendance  

    Visit the SchoolEveryDay webpage.

Mayor's Interagency Task Force:
Initiative on Truancy, Chronic Absenteeism, and School Engagement

ARIS Parent Link for helping parents get access to their child's data            

Guidance Portal for resources for students and families  

Chancellor's Regulations

Transfer, Discharge, and Graduation Code guidelines

Working Papers and Child Model Permits

School Calendars  and Calendar Change Requests   

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