Student Attendance

Resources for Schools

A school's attendance program has two parts:

  • the data collection and reporting of how many students are in school each day; and
  • the practices to increase the number of students in school each day.  

Children First Network (CFN) Attendance Managers help schools by sharing policies, structures and routines that improve the timeliness and accuracy of data collection and that can increase attendance and reduce chronic absenteeism. They also support related ATS procedures and can share reports that are used to track student attendance.

Look up network contact information by using the ATS DCON function, or click here 

Visit the Principals Portal Attendance Page 

The Attendance page on the Principals' Portal is the first stop for resources including the most recent Transfer, Discharge and Graduation (TDG) Guidelines TDG, Planning Interview documents, and a Present and Accounted for newsletters and How To... guides that provide answers and checklists, tools and other step-by-step explanations for most attendance-related responsibilities.

(See a  Good Way to get to Principals' Portal for anyone with a DOE Outlook ID logging in from a private computer.)

Share Your Attendance Success Story - Networks, Attendance Teachers or schools are invited to submit stories about how they improved attendance—throughout a school or for an individual student.  

Key Links

ATS Web-Connect from DOE network computers , from private computers

DOE Wiki for ATS technical advice

OSYD's Web applications including the Consolidated plan (Attendance Plan), OORS, and SOHO

Historical attendance data (month by month (PAR data)  

Daily school-wide attendance  

Visit the SchoolEveryDay webpage. 

Mayor's Interagency Task Force:
Initiative on Truancy, Chronic Absenteeism, and School Engagement   

ARIS Parent Link
for helping parents get access to their child's data         

Guidance Portal for resources for students and families  

Attendance Works  a national initiative that promotes better policy and practice around school attendance with lots of handouts for families

Chancellor's Regulations

Transfer, Discharge, and Graduation Code guidelines

Working Papers and Child Model Permits

School Calendars  and Calendar Change Requests   

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