Carmen Farina, Fourth Grade Teacher, PS 29K

I had many incredible teachers at PS 29 in Cobble Hill beginning when I entered in the third grade until I graduated in the 6th.  The one who inspired me to become a teacher was Carmen Farina.  Carmen is an incredible person.  I still call her when I have questions regarding curriculum, fundraising, book selections -- both as an educator and a parent. 

I have vivid memories of life at PS 29 as a member of class 4-506.  Carmen knew each of her forty-two, (yes, 42) students individually and designed projects based on our interests, learning styles and academic strengths.  Carmen really cared about us as people and created a community of learners who cared about one another and the community at large.  We were involved in many local projects with the nursing home down the street as well as other community organizations.

That year, in addition to the "regular" curriculum I worked on a silkscreen project with two other students and a local artist in her studio. 
We created newsletters using an authentic printing press that Carmen housed in our second classroom. I still recall our book talks -- I Juan de Pareja, My Brother Sam is Dead and The Pushcart War are stand outs. I know that I was a strong classroom teacher because of the impact that Carmen Farina had on me! 

Thank you Carmen!  We miss your presence within the Department of Education. 
-Trish Appel Peterson
PS 29 Class of 1982