Selection of Poems, Various Grades, PS 154X

The Beach

Splash went the water

SWISH went the sand

AAAAHHH yelled everybody

WAA WAA whined the babies

SSSHHH whispered the grownups

RUMPLE RUMPLE went the wind

as I laid in the sand

-Reina Ramos


Scaly skin

Slithering by me

Spitting poisonous venom out


-Jhad Ekpecham

Amy alligator ate apples, avocados, and artichokes all day long.

-Kimora Sheppard


Fragrant plant

Comes from seeds

Nature’s most beautiful plant!


-Ibrahim Drame


Smart boy

Runs like lightning

The best brother ever!


-Jonathan Jimenez


Glistening scales

Breathing hot fire

Angry dragon burning castles


-Joshua Burgos


Boom! Boom! Went the rhino.

Oink! Oink! Went the pig.

Ssssss! Sssss! Hissed the snake.

Ooooo! Ooooo! Hooted the owl.

ROOOAAAARRR! Went the lion.

OO-OO-AA-AA! Went the monkey.

Boom! Oink! Ssssss! Oooo Oooo! ROOOAAARRR! OO-OO-AA-AA! Went all the animals at the zoo!

-Xavier Massallo


Clouds what are you doing when I am feeling blue?

Do you have to do chores like I do?

Do you mop, wash dishes, or even scrub the bathroom?

If you do are you blue?

Or are you happy like the sunshine?

Ohhhh clouds what are you doing up there when I am feeling blue?

-Yeilin Mejia

Fired Up

I never got what I wanted

And now I’m really heated

Like a lion running around

The house ripping pillows

While steam is coming out of my ears

While fire is flaming around my body

Waiting for water to cool me down

-Stephanie Reddy


By Jason Rivera

Spring is Spring,

When the Blue Jays sing.

Summer is Summer,

When Jason is a bummer.

Fall is Fall,

When I play ball.

Winter is Winter,

When I got a splinter.


By Elionol Astacio

Flowers bloom and bloom.

They make me smile.

To me they sing,

Like wearing a ring.

Oh how I love flowers.

Flowers, I really love.

They are so pretty.

With many colors to see.

Ice Cream

By Lisnet Planche

Ice cream is the best,

when we want to rest.

Ice cream is creamy

and like you and me,

comes in different flavors.

My favorite flavor is chocolate.

People say yee haa when they taste it.

But I say wee wee!

My classmate says yee haa,

wee wee moo and boo.

The Couch

by Christopher Ford

Class 4-304

I am a couch

Who lives in a house

On Alexander Avenue.

I have an owner

Who sits on me

And gives me wrinkles.

My owner puts his tush

On my head and

My cushion gets big dimples.

I wish I had a mouth.

I’d bite his tush

Then say, “I quit”.

Life of a Pimple

By Quan

I am a pimple that grows

On sixteen year old girls

Right before prom, ewww!

I love when my owner

Falls asleep.

On her face, I grow bigger.

I am sad

Especially when my owner

Tries to make me go pop!

I wish I could talk

To my owner and say,

Gross, look in the mirror!