"The Arrival of the PSP," Tahmid Ali, Sixth Grade, PS 122Q

Trudging home after a bad day at school
Dragging my feet and cradling my head
I arrived home and went inside
As I slammed the door and laid down on my bed
Suddenly I snapped awake after a few hours sleep
Woken up my a slight "peep" I saw my mother and father slinking away
Obviously hiding something behind their backs
Craning my neck, I tried to look at the hidden treasure
But my efforts were in vain
As my parents scurried away swiftly
There was an air of mystery in the house
 I wondered and wondered
What they´ve hidden without me knowing
But eventually snapped with exerting
And gave up the chase
But then at 9:00
At that faithful hour
My mom called me to the living room 
She told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands
And suddenly a box appeared there I tore open the wrapping in a fit of excitement
And then started gasping
It was the perfect gift for a ten year old boy
The gift of my dreams
Lying there in my hands
All sound faded away
As I held up the fabled box up high in my hands
Like a squire crowning the king
And I only uttered one word, one word