"Selection of Poems," Fourth and Fifth Grades, P.S. 186

"Family," Antionella Messina, Fifth Grade

Kind, respectful,
Caring, encouraging, loving,
Always there when you need them.
Encouraging, uplifting, inspiring,
Helpful, considerate,

"Krissy," Sandra Misseri, Fifth Grade

Funny, smart,
Playing, singing, dancing,
My best friend that is always there.
Loving, caring, sharing
Cute, sweet,

"Baseball," Sema Tascioglu, Fifth grade

Hard, accurate,
Throwing, sliding, hitting,
 is exciting to play in the summer.
Running, catching, batting,
Awesome, fun,
"My Poem is Falling Like the Snow," Cindy Ng. Fourth Grade
My poem is falling like
the snow.
I try to make the
words flow.
It goes on and on
but never stops!
I'll catch it when
it drops.
It was high, high from the
sky, so when
it's gone
I say

"Excuses To Stay Up," Angela Mak. Fourth Grade

I need a drink of water!
I forgot to brush my teeth!
School starts at 9:40 so, I
could stay up.
I drank coffee for lunch!
I forgot to do my homework!
The teacher picked me, to see
how long children could go
without sleep.
There's a monster under the bed!
I Can't find my stuffed bear.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Can I help pick out my
lunch for tomorrow?
I'm scared of the dark can
you help me my nightlight?
May you please kiss me goodnight?
YAWN Can you please leave a snack so I would Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z ....

"By The Water,"  Alvin, Costa, William, Kathy, Cindy, Merna, and Mashiely. Fourth Grade
Water smashing
on the ROCKS!
People riding bikes
and going fishing
in the ocean.
Children running and
Kids collecting
People tasting the salty water.
      come and
The yellow sun
shines on the blue sky
and blue water.
The water reminds
everyone about the
   Blue Sky!

"Toys'R' Us," Angela, Slava, Gulistan, Ming Bin, & Dominik. Fourth Grade.
Lots of noise that
You can hear.
Once you come in
You lose all your fears.
Many people take their
It all cost more than
A single dime.
Lots of people
Walking through
All looking for
Something new.
Little kids
Running around.
Most of them in
The lost and found
Lots of people leaving
With joy.
All carrying their
Big, fat toys.
As you hear the cars
Children are eating
Their cherry Pop Tarts.