"Calling to the World," Anna Simonyan, Sixth Grade, IS 141

I’m in the past,

I must remember,

I must survive,

To teach, to show, to talk

Of the horrible things that have happened in the past.

I must stay strong,

So the wrongs won’t happen again.

The shadows of the bad things were laid,

It should be laid, deep underground,


So they wouldn’t escape.

Look at the past— so dark, gray, and dead,

We have to keep the future bright,

For as long as we live.

The future should be known

As the beautiful unknown happening,

And the darkness shall never take over.

I’m calling to the world,

To say,

That the past should happen once,

And only once.

That they should remain still, over the new world.

The world must know,

That what happened to the Jews, during World War II,

Should never be done again,

For it could be us next,

Our loved ones and our families.