"You Were Never Really Gone," Bryan Battle, William E. Grady High School

Where did you go when I was four,
When your heavenly face went out of our door?
During that long period you fell asleep,
I didn't understand why everyone weeped.
You never woke up after that day,
Ever since then I've lost my way.
My heart is heavy and full of tears,
Where did you go? Why can't you be here?
I barely knew what anything was,
But I did indeed know that you were gone.
The tears from my eyes just kept on flowing,
The pain in my heart kept growing and growing.
The way that I am is because of you,
Because I know that you would have taught me to.
The kindness of my heart, I got that from you,
Your wings are around me, I know this is true.
When I am sad or depressed and things are not right.
I can feel you hold me in the middle of the night.
You brush my hair and hold me tight,
Always holding me close and in your sight.
My mother; My Angel; My Gaurdian of Light;
I will never forget you, my mother of flight.