Water Conservation Poems, Fifth Grade, P.S. 75X

Without water, we would die.
Away it will go, if we don't take care of it.
To take care of it, don't litter the ocean.
Eat your food, then throw it in the garbage; not the ocean.
Rivers have waters that transport us.
Can you do these things? I think you can;
Or maybe we can write or ask factories not to pollute the oceans.
No more littering the oceans or we will ban the beaches.
Save the water before there is no more. And then we will die.
Even when you are washing your hands, don't leave the water on.
Rivers are water. Water helps plants.
Vapor turns into a liquid. That is giving us more water.
August is the hottest time of the year. We really need water.
Think about life without water. We would die of thirst.
In the summer, we are going to need water.
Or, you can just have no water. It's your choice.
Now what do you think you should do?

-Aliyah Brown
Water is very important.
Anywhere  any
Even when you are hot. Drink it!
Respect the waters resources!
On the go, in the house,
Night or day. It is healthy for you.
So drink it!
Everybody loves water.
Respect the water;
Very important fact:
Always save water.
Turn it off when you brush your teeth.
It keeps you clean when you bathe.
Nothing hits the spot like water!

-Adama Barry 
Water is used every day and it is left running.
African children need water and we waste it.
The world would be nothing without water.
Every human being needs water to survive.
Rivers are being contaminated by many people.
Conserving water will mean a better future.
Our world must consider conserving water.
No one wants to conserve water but we must!
Someone will rise and convince people.
Even if more people conserve water, it still won't change.
Really, poor people cry for water every day.
Value water! Without it you will die.
A lot of people think we don't need water
Together we can make a difference.
I try to conserve water.
Other people should conserver water tool
Now everyone can make a change.

-Eddy Mezquita 
Water is life.
At home, at school, everywhere, it is needed.
To keep it around, we need to keep it clean.
Even those nasty sewers.
Reading a book won't keep it clean.
Conserving it and purifying it, will keep it around.
Only the people can conserve it.
Never give up. If we try, we will succeed.
So give it a try. Keep it alive!
Everyone needs water.
Rely on it.Yes, but not for long.
Various amounts are cleaned.
Any way or any how, we need to keep it around.
Together we can try to conserve our water.
In any landmark, water is there.
Only if we care.
Night or day. We will conserve  life.

-Tandy James

Water is a natural resource.
Attention Everyone! Conserve your water for it is limited.
The water you have  is going to run out.
Enjoy it while you can.
Running water will go to waste.
Conserve it now or we will all die.
Oceans will soon run out.
New people have come into the world.
Suffering people are dying for water.
Every year thousands of people die for this one natural resource.
Respect the water and don't pollute.
Very large numbers of  people need water.
A lot of people need the water which you have polluted.
Terrific things will happen,  if you conserve water.
In this world, we may run out of water.
On this soil, people spill water for no reason
Never will I waste water.

-Stephen Mumin
Water always helps you when you need it.
Although it doesn't
Talk to us,
Everyone loves to be its friend.
Rivers and streams roar like lions...
Caring for its  very special part of the family.
Others love water to hangout.
No one wants to waste its time,
Saving it from all its danger.
Veins spread out when the streams flow;
And new rivers are born.
Today people still love water.
It helps us live. So why don't we help it live?
Over can still count on it to be there.
Never lets us down---even if we offend it. Water.

-Yanerys Medina