"My Street is a Video Game," Mario Castellano, Seventh Grade, JHS 223K

My 16th street is like like a video game, that is so noisy. The neighborhood reminds me of Manhattan. After being in school all day long, my house feels like a library, so quiet. It smells so good that my mom is cooking. My bedroom is my secret hideout. It's where my imagination begins. I close my brown eyes and football is all I see. My dreams are crazy like I'm on a video game.

My mind is like a computer. My heart is like a beat box. Car horns are like thunder outside my window like my God is bowling in the sky.Chidren play outside and run like animals until it time for dinner.

The food smells like heaven. My nose becomes a cheerleader .My belly is growing. I am as satisfied as a magician doing magic tricks. When dinner is finished it is time for E.L.A homework. It is as easy as playing a video game. When I am finish I feel like a computer. This is when I like to exercise, because then I am ready to run as fast as a car.