"Untitled," Cora Kim, 10th Grade, Townsend Harris High School

Yearning cries, asking for the power to close the holes dripping crimson and filled with the iron hand of men, or even yet, turn back the wheels of time and save the silent ones that are


They called it the Battle of Bighorn and the Beach on Normandy.

The red quickly disappeared among the sea of white.

And the red stained the grains of water and drops of sand.

They remembered Rome and Carthage, Persia and France;

And named him Julius, Hannibal, Darius and Napoleon.

They pointed to Japan and Italy, and at Germany twice over.

They whispered Hiroshima, Pearl Harbor, Auschwitz, Benito and Adolf.

They looked towards England and Spain,

And wrote of a Bloody Mary and of an Inquisition.

They spoke of the wild of Africa, untouched and ignorant.

And then they turned to the north, to the land called the Balkans.

They heard of the Crusades, where religion triumphed over mind and matter.

And saw the light and mud of shining armor and broken shields.

And they continued to name Fort Sumter, Alamo, and the Western Front,

As they watched America once, twice, thrice and a few more.

One could stop and consider why the men responsible for the crime and responsible for the actions do not fight each other themselves and instead ask innocent others to fight in their