"Catching Butterflies," Daniel Jacala, 10th Grade, Brooklyn Tech High School

You see, I've never caught a butterfly; only in my dreams.
'Cause when you think you've caught a butterfly, it's never as it seems.
You don't realize how far time flies as the sun loses it's gleam.
And suddenly, before my eyes, I can't see anything.

I was aiming to be her mister, but I missed her, now she's gone,
and the butterflies, they flutter by as I lay out on my lawn.
I lay, all day, all night, until dawn. Why can't I catch a butterfly? What am I doing wrong?

So now let me try this magic trick, make butterflies appear.
But these butterflies, I say, are fake. But to make myself more clear,
I'm getting anxious now 'cause the real butterflies are here.
And I always get those butterflies whenever she is near.