"You," Eve Fishinevich, Seventh Grade, Mark Twain Intermediate School for the Gifted and Talented

There’s a part of you that I have seen

It’s where we are, it’s where we’ve been

There’s a piece of you I’ve never known

How our roads diverged and how we’ve grown

It’s who we are and what we’ll be

It’s all we’ve heard and what we’ll see

And who we love and what we’ll give

And how we fall and learn to relive

The cries of joy, the tears we shed

The laughs we exert, and cry in bed

The beginning of life and the end of demise

The kiss on the lips and the gleaming bright eyes

The meaning of life and finding the keys

The hope to hold on and the strength to believe

Go capture your time

Let your wedding bells chime

Go let yourself go and go get it all back

Go capture the sun, let it be your new track

Go write it all down, and go let it all out

Sing it to the people and hear them all shout

Just live it your way

Don’t let you decay

And no matter if you reach the biggest bright star,

You equals you and that’s who you are