"Man Kind Murders," Estephanie Herrera, 8th grade, I.S 109Q

I stare at the world
It stares back at me
And all that is surrounding me
I can not believe
The air is thick
Smoggy and black
And what we had before
We cannot get back
Trash on the floor
Fumes in the air
I can feel the planets hurt
I can feel it’s despair
Leaves falling off
Not because of the season
But because the Earth is hurting
And we are the reason
Raindrops no longer fall
But acid from the clouds
The human race is dying
Silence is now the Earth’s sound
Weeds are the new flowers
Beauty is no longer in bloom
We have killed mother nature
She has become cocooned
We have taken our planet
Our beautiful Earth
We used and mistreated it
We gave it what it didn’t deserve
We were given a gift
Put right into our hands
But we took it and crumbled it
Destroyed our beautiful land
Now where do we live?
What do we eat?
What is this now
That lies under my feet?
The Earth is shaking
A big mushroom cloud of smoke
And now the Earth is covered
As if with a black&grey cloak
There is no sound
No breathing, no air
And all this occurred
Because we did not care
Now everything is gone
There’s no mankind, no insect no bug
It has come to the end, there’s no more
What have we done?