"Forever Mine, No Matter What," Josephine Encarnacion, IS 528M

Forever Mine, No Matter What

Everyone remembers that day

Confusion & chaos everywhere

She was in the 2nd Grade

A scared little 7 year old girl

Having no idea of what’s going on

Going home with mom

Watching the news

They replay the event 100 times

Mom calling everyone with

Frightened frantic chime

In her voice

After a while

She understood

The “Twin Towers” had fallen

In a matter of 5

Minutes a plane crashes

And we have some new

“Bad guy” to look for

The years have passed

And now, she is 13

She finally realizes she had

No direct connection to the tragedy

No one in her family had passed away

She had lost nothing

But now, Al Quiada, had taken

Something away from a girl

She never knew

The Twin Towers...

She has lived

In New York all her life

She had never seen them

And now she never will

She’d seen it all except

For them

You never know what you

Have until it’s gone

I hate when people take something

Away from me

That I never had a chance

To connect with

My grandfather from my father


I never got a chance

To meet him

And he meant so much

To my father and now

I’ll never get to meet him

It all goes back to terrorism

It all goes back to hate

Man hates man

But tomorrow is a new day,

A clean slate,

A new date,

A chance to outlive

An unwanted fate