"My Beautiful Borinquen," Facia Class, Tenth Grade, Bayside High School

O’ Beautiful Boriquen,
Your beauty amazes me,
Your never ending oceans of blue truth have inspired me.
Along sandy beaches,
Where I first held my fathers hand,
I found seashells unique like your people.
On your rocks I sat for hours,
And shed these tears of nostalgia.
Your oceans have carried my tears away,
Your gentle splashing waves against my feet along the seashore.
Where Gods footprints first appeared,
I walked upon.
Your enchanting waves have purified my soul,
And cleaned out the evil that had been bestowed.
I dream of the day,
Where I can go back and breathe your sweet tropical rejuvenating air.
I dream of returning on a day,
When the sun is sun illuminating on my body like an angel smiling at me.
Granting hope that tomorrow will be a better day.
When the palm trees are smoothly following the breeze of relief.
And the smiles of my fellow neighbors welcome me.
O’ Beautiful Boriquen,
Take me once again to that island,
That I once called home.
O Beautiful Boriquen,
Save me from all that pursues me.
I stand here before you,
With nothing and no one,
And I say,
O’ Precioso Bellisimo Boriquen,
When will I see you again?