"(Expletive Deleted)," Ivan Lesiv, Tenth Grade, Townsend Harris High School

Our troops marched on through Vietnam

Against the Viet Cong

The bombs, the guns and all the death

Unjust it was, and wrong

Machine guns blazed and flesh and bone

Was torn up by the fire

While in the oval office sat

A presidential liar

He tried and tried and lied and lied

But just could not negate

That on June 17, his friends

Broke into Watergate

His voice recorded on the tapes

The words they were quite clear

And so that devious old fraud

Began to shake with fear

But no, it was not over yet

We had not closed the book

This fool still had the gall to say

That he was not a crook!

In shame he had resigned and then

We saw what had proceeded

The country now rid itself of

That (expletive deleted)!