Selection of Poems, Pre-K, International Nursery School

The Signs of Spring

Birds are tweeting
And flying right now.
Flowers are growing
And seeds are blowing. 
We can fly our kites 
Because it’s Spring!

-Zachary Baecher


Bees are buzzing
People are happy playing outside
People are happy in the summer
People are happy in the pool
People play “Ring Around the Rosie”
People like to eat cupcakes outside
People like to draw outside
We are happy as can be in the summer!

-Kalila Abramson


There is a tree
With a bee
There is a nest
It is the best
There is a butterfly
Up in sky

-Sara Aburabia

A Bird

There is a nest
It has a little bird inside
There is a butterfly too
They are friends
They play cards together
They like to play hide and seek
They go to sleep together
When it is night time

-Maria DiCicco