Selection of Poems, Eighth Grade, IS 34R


Friends are good to have

They help you in times of need

People you can trust

-Matthew Miller


Silent towns with skies so white

You shiver in the chilly night

Snowflakes gently kiss your face

The crack and pop of the fireplace

The wind whispers in your ear

You clear your mind so you can hear

Bringing families close together

For memories they will share forever

Gliding on the slippery, smooth ice

Hot chocolate in the cold sounds nice

Bundled up like an Eskimo

The winter steals your heat and you don’t know

Snowmen we make in blankets of white

Snowball fights will excite, alright

You can love it for any reason

This is really a beautiful season

-Ralph Reyes

Springs Things

The sun cuts and peeks through

Fluffy wool-like clouds

Providing an ingredient for plants and

Warming our backs

Billions of flowers of rainbow colors

Tango, waltz, ballet

Through the whispers of the wind

Spreading a beautiful aroma

The calm cool breeze blows softly

Baby calm and baby soft

Keeping me at a nice temperature

In the climate of warmth

All of these qualities conjoin together

Loved ones playing outside

Don’t look from the window in

Staring at spring

-Seika Robinson

Enchanted Beauty

Nature is lovely.

Lovely as open flowers,

Blooming all year round.

-Mona Metwally

The Song of the Wolf

Her grey muzzle

Touches the sky

Singing to the stars

Her wonderful,

Amber eyes,

Scope over this land

Beside her lay her

Young pups.

Their yips and yowls

Fill the mountaintop

She cuddles them

Protecting them

From the bitter wind

Until they are grown

The pack surrounds her

Like an army protecting a nation

Her bushy tail

Swishes with joy

As her young pups

Cuddle next to her stomach

As if trying to climb

Back in

Weeks pass by

And the she-wolf

Gazes with her

Amber eyes into

The distance

She lifts her tender muzzle

And sings

Her pups join in

Though not with

Playful yips and yowls

But as strong wolves

All singing into

The starry sky

-Victoria Connelly

When The Seasons Change

The leaves fall from the trees

Summer is lost in the past

Winter is now here

-Alyssa Matula

Super Bowl 42

The crowd screams and shouts

As we all know, the Patriots are out

The Giants are undefeated

In New York they were warmly greeted

They achieved a great goal

They are a team as a whole

They played through rough weather

But they remained together

Giants win Super Bowl 42

Today they are known as “Big Blue”

-Rosario Macri