"The Friends I Have," Jason Vargas, Eighth Grade, Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice

The friends I have

The laugh and smiles

Playing a bit of kickball

And ill see u in a while

The friends I have

The sadness and defeat

When that one child shouts

Who are you to be discreet?

The friends I have the family I need

Like that little baby boy

Who sprouted like a seed

And that little baby boy

With the life he created

And that pained smiled mother with her love appreciated

To those days at the park with

The friends I have

The happiness felt, everybody so glad

Don’t worry cuz the day is here

That baby grew up

So stand and cheer

Let’s be sincere with

The friends I have

Who stand up for me whenever things get bad

Man down

Stand ground

Don’t make a sound

Wound left, turn around

I’m left down with aggression

The friends I have

Beside me providing protection

The friends I have

Like the way the world spins

Put belief in yourself

Have faith, feel sin

Seep within

Cuz our story begins

The friends I have

The tears we share

We never back down

We took the dare

We always care

Don’t worry cuz I’ll be there

The friends I have

Stick as the rain pours 

As one day closes

It opens the door

For an opportunity


Express our ingenuity

The friends I have

Would travel all the way

We are who we are

And that’s what I am all day

The friends I have

The life we shared

But I have to look down

And fell so mad

Cuz the friends I have

Aren’t here for forever

So let’s make this moment last

We will always be together

Until those days at the park go away

But chin in, stand strong

Cuz life is so long

No matta what be true, we all belong

Since the true morals here all reside in this song

The friends I have

We’re full of bliss

Just close your eyes

Think clear and reminisce

The friends I have

Stylin cuz we stay fly

Hang true to this rap

Cuz the friends I have