"Broken Heart," Jeanette Sarmiento, Eighth Grade, IS 10

Having your heart broken,
its like listening but not understanding the words spoken.
He will say your too late or his love turned into hate,
but either way sooner or later you will find your soul mate.
One day he will call you a beautiful rose.
The next day he will break your heart and leave you with only the thorns.
Your smile will fade away and your tears will come down slow.
Everybody will question "why" like a paparazzi in the middle of a show.
The tissues will get tired of holding so many tears.
You will have to let go of the past and face all your fears.
Love will blind all the lies,
and make you think of all the nights you cried.
your hurt will not hurt anymore when you find a new love,
so hold on tight and don't let go
because remember he was sent from above.