"Farewell," Julia Stemmer, Seventh Grade, Mark Twain School for the Gifted and Talented

Insanity slowly taking control of my life

Wiping out what I thought was real

I didn’t know that it wasn’t true

I thought you loved me

I thought you cared

After all these years

You didn’t even say goodbye


You don't deserve me

And all I’ve done for you

You used me

And abused my already tearing soul


So farewell

To the guy I used to know

Every day

Waking up thinking I was in love

What a fool I was

To think you were the one

You were only a fake

A fraud that was cruel


I wished you’d have ended our little game

Before you carried it too far

You tore me to pieces

But by the time you realized

It was way to late


I don’t need you anymore

I never did

You don't need me either