"Videogames," Justin Lee, Townsend Harris High School

Videogames began innocently.

Mothers bought them to keep their kids content.

Mothers thought were a harmless hobby,

That kept the kids quiet and presentable.

It was, for a while, when videogames

Were still fun, with simple two dimensions.

But now with the third dimension in games, The realism isn’t as innocent.

Videogames can be corrupting

If given to the wrong child.

Emulation is natural for kids,

Which is fine except when videogames

Feature violence, drugs, and profanity.

Many blame games for the increase in crime And degradation of morals today.

Some even accuse obesity on videogames

Because some kids abuse these videogames And develop unhealthy lifestyles.

Though these problems may be caused by video games, There’s no stopping video games.

Technology will continue to grow

As it always had in the past

And will always bring obstacles that alter life Mankind can only unite to overcome them, So there will be a tomorrow for future generations.