"The Way I Live," Luke Juman, Eighth Grade, IS 223K

My 43rd street is like a three ring circus

The neighborhood reminds me of a truck stop filled with noise

After being at school all day long, my house feels like a haven

It smells as clean as a Laundromat

My bedroom is my domain

It is where my dreams begin

I close my weary eyes and peace is what I see

My dreams are serene like a waterfall

My mind is a rainbow of thoughts

My heartbeat sounds like a person running for miles

Car horns outside my window sound like children waiting for ice cream

Children play outside and run like wild animals until it is time for dinner

The food smells like heaven

My belly is a big whole

I am as satisfied as an eagle knowing their baby can fly

When dinner is finished it is time for homework

It is as boring as a teacher who lectures all day long

when I am finished I feel like a champion

This is when I like to sleep

Because when I sleep

I am as clean as a baby as a peaceful river flowing.