"Bhagat Singh," Karnveer Bal, 10th Grade, Townsend Harris High School

The warrior of Punjab, Shaheed Bhagat Singh,
Fought valiantly for India’s independence,
Trying to rid India of the British institution.
Long live the Revolution!
Whether it was the amazing 63 day hunger strike,
Or bombing the Central Assembly Hall,
There was nothing that would stop him from attaining freedom.
Long live the Revolution!
Leader of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association,
He is known as the founder of Indian socialism.
He sought reform and a free nation.
Long live the Revolution!
Of prison he was not scared,
Because he was blinded by his duty for his country.
And like himself, he sparked the youth to live their lives for India.
Long live the Revolution!
Not even a sentence to death could shake the tiger,
He lived to give India freedom,
And death for his country was an honor.
Long live the revolution!
India’s martyr stood before the noose,
Not a spec of fear on his face.
He looked at his friends for one last time and shouted:
Long live the revolution!