"My Brother is Leaving for College," Keilaa-Demi De La Cruz, Fifth Grade, Mott Hall School

My brother is almost leaving for college

     I feel like a sunflower that’s missing all its pedals

       I do not want him to leave,

         He is the one that lets the sun shine on me

           He was there when I was born

              He was there when I learned to walk

                He was there through it all


                                               I do not know what I will do when he is gone

                                            When he is not with me,

                                        I do not feel alive

                                         He is always busy playing basketball

                                       But, then he comes home

                                      What will I do when he is playing basketball

                                     And goes to his dorm room


He was the one that played games with me

  When I was upset

     He is the game I play when I am upset

       He always knows what to do when I am hurt

         Every pedal on me is unique

           He is the tall one that is always rught by my side