"The Moon," Khrystyna Melnyk, Mark Twain Intermediate School

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The alarm clock teleports you out of your imagination,

The moon has set an hour ago and now you need to get up

You get ready for school

What should I wear?

You ask yourself

What would Sabrina wear?

What will make me look cool?

What kind of makeup should I use?

These questions pop into teenage girls’ heads

At school, it’s a jungle

Girls wearing Abercrombie and Gucci

Don’t accept other kids

You struggle to be just like them

You paint over your personality, your style, your flair!

When you come home and sleep at night,

The moon is your only companion,

The moon sees the real you,

The moon knows how you feel,

Your loneliness and sadness

Your struggle and your feeling of hopelessness…..

The moon knows all this and much more,

The moon is your true best friend