"Rainy Day Walking," Annie Kosh, Fifth Grade, PS 187


Well, I was walking on a rainy day,
Today was dull and dingy.
Nothing seemed just right,
For usually it's so springy.

Dark and gray and not delicious,
But then again, rain is nutritious.
It's good for flowers, plants and trees,
And even baby bumble bees.

Drip, drip, drop, drip, rain spills in my eyes,
So I guess, much to my surprise,
Rain is great and good to clean the eyes.


Galloping hooves against the ground,
Eyes bright and flashing,
Wild horses run like lightning through the trees.
Foals and mares and mustangs and stallions,
All galloping very beautifully.
Like stars twinkling in the nighttime sky,
Running all day and night,
Tails whipping in the dry air,
Eyes wide with fear,
Manes flowing gently as they run.
Beautiful horses.
Wild horses.