"A Battlefield of School," Kiseem Phillips, Eighth Grade, IS 174X

school is like a battlefield
that's filled with lots of knowledge
for kids who wanna know more
there's guns that shoot to college
math and lit and social studies, foreign language 2
there are c4s that explode with different things to do some say that they don't like school well take a rocket launcher blow some sense in2 ya mind and maybe it won't haunt ya ask me how i know and can tell ya wat 2 do i use 2 be a fool myself and say the same thing 2 then a bullet full of sense hit me in the head i went home feelin' fresh and new and climbed myself in bed and thought to myself tomorrow there's a brand new day ahead i went 2 school the next day thinkin' of my past and decided that day I WAS GOING 2 STAY IN CLASS!