"His Name is Abraham Lincoln," Kevin Skier, Seventh Grade, PS 202

On the 12th of February 1809
A boy was born in a house of pine

There he lived in a tree log cabin

With his mother, father and rest of his kin

His name is Abraham Lincoln


He grew up in his little cabana

When he was seven he moved to Indiana

Without much schooling he learned to write

When he was at home by the firelight

His name is Abraham Lincoln


At 20 years old and tall as a tree

He held odd jobs that numbered three

He was postmaster, surveyor and clerk at a store

There he slept in the back with “closed” on the door

His name is Abraham Lincoln


In 1836 a lawyer he became

“Honest Abe” was his new nickname

Mary Todd, he’d meet and marry

Four of his children she would carry

His name is Abraham Lincoln



Soon came the year 1858

With Stephen Douglas he’d debate

To be the senator was his goal

But Douglas beat him in the polls

His name is Abraham Lincoln


For two more years a tiger he’d be

Speaking out against slavery

He’d run for President, it was sure to stun

He’d face Douglas once more, but this time he won

His name is Abraham Lincoln.


As sixteenth President he would vow

To end slavery here and now

The south refused and began to secede

The Civil War had begun indeed

His name is Abraham Lincoln


At Bull Run the Union suffers a great defeat

They must make a humiliating retreat

Lincoln learned later lots had gone wrong

He knew this war would be very long

His name is Abraham Lincoln


As the battle raged on, people feared to awaken

For sadness kept growing with each new life taken

To keep our country one great nation

He issued the Emancipation Proclamation

His name is Abraham Lincoln



For three hot days a battle was fought

Victory soon for the Union it brought

At Gettysburg he gave his famous address

Which honored the dead and laid them to rest

His name is Abraham Lincoln


The Civil war had come to an end

Our country soon began to mend

To a second term he was elected

For he was now very well respected

His name is Abraham Lincoln


The 15th of April was such a sad day

Lincoln was shot while attending a play

Bang! Came the shot fired by John Wilkes Booth

And soon the world heard the awful truth….

No more Abraham Lincoln