"What Will High School Be Like?" Lauren Washington, Eighth Grade, MS 61

What will high school be like?

Full of exciting new people and subjects

Or danger around every corner?

When my cell phone rings

Will it be my father

Or my science lab partner?

Calling for help with the project.

Still can't dissect that frog yet?


Freshman Friday


I can't wait to be pummeled by senior girls and boys

Getting shoved into my own locker

At least I have one

Hey, can't complain there

I've been waiting for one for all of these years


High school is coming soon

Just now it's going to be June

But I can wait.

I wonder how long this school year will last?

To me, it's going a little too fast


My friends will be all over New York

Just hope they remember us all

The people they cheated from

The people they picked on

The people they hung out with

I just hope they don't get big heads

And forget where they came from.

This school, M.S.61.