"The Pride of the Green Mountain Boys," Lawerence Yu, 10th Grade, Townsend Harris High School

What’s this cheering I hear this day?

This day in 1775 that will stay,

In the minds and souls of many lives,

As one reason why our nation thrives.


Now the Yankees were quite enraged,

That Mother Britain chose to wage,

A war with old France once again,

And leave all her debts on our men.


What did the Green Mountain Boys do

To earn the respect that they’re due?

Those brave souls beat out Great Britain,

In a tremendous win no doubt.


With their leader Ethan Allen,

And brilliant Benedict Arnold,

They took the whole fort with much ease,

Showing the rage built up within.


While this fight is not that well known,

It was able to set the tone,

Of our cause and so this loud noise,

Is the pride of the Green Mountain Boys.