"Through Keen Eyes," Maya Layne, Fourth Grade, PS 119

When we look at the world, what do we see?

anger, hate, rage, carelessness


Beauty, peace, calmness , love ?

The truth is we are oblivious to the world

We can not see anger because we don't know how to see it Beyond ourselves

We can’t feel calmness because we do not know how to feel it The world is not a calm place

Unconsciously to the world we are numb in the eyes ,mind, and heart We walk around and pretend there’s nothing wrong Or Nothing good about the world… We don’t want to know We don’t want to think We don’t want to feel Maybe we’re afraid to feel We are left with big spaces between us and our eyes …Big spaces between us and our heart But… those who have an opinion, choose to see the world with keen eyes They choose to express truth, see the beauty, feel anger and seek calmness For all the world to see and hear and feel and touch.